Coverage of special event

Thanks to the PSL for participating in as well as covering this special rally in Rhinebeck for Palestinian rights.

Party for Socialism and Liberation


More than 80 pro-Palestine activists marched through the streets of the Hudson Valley town of Rhinebeck, NY, to shout their support for Palestine in the face of Israeli brutality and oppression.

The demonstration was sponsored by Middle East Crisis Response (MECR), Hudson Valley BDS, Jewish Voice for Peace–HV, Peace and Planet News, NYC Veterans for Peace, and New Paltz Women in Black. The Albany/Hudson Valley Branch of PSL was well represented by a large and spirited contingent. Students from three area universities were an impressive presence: Students for Justice in Palestine from Vassar and Bard, and the Black Alliance for Peace and the Black Students Union from SUNY New Paltz.

The action began with a rally in the center of town – at the town’s only traffic light. The Palestine movement has been building in numbers and support in the Hudson Valley for many years, and there was a feeling of camaraderie and optimism as members of the various groups reconnected or met each other for the first time.
Across the street, half a dozen pro-Zionist demonstrators waved Israeli flags in silence. This was a departure from previous counter-demonstrations in Rhinebeck that were loud and confrontational. Reflecting on the relative lack of opposition, MECR organizer Fred Nagel remarked that times are changing in this country, as public support for Palestine continues to grow.

To chants of Free, Free Palestine, and From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free, the crowd took to the streets. At a parking lot on the main street, marchers gathered for a second rally.

Felice Gelman of the Jenin Freedom Theatre, gave a first-hand account of conditions on the West Bank. She spoke of the house demolitions, of children who worried that if they went to school, they would return to find their homes demolished.

Cheryl Qamar, of Eyewitness Palestine and USA Palestine Mental Health Network, recently returned from the Middle East. A psychiatric social worker, she said, unforgettably, “There is no PTSD in Palestine. There is no “Post”-traumatic. The trauma goes on. It is continuous.”

Bard students Majd and Ari, one Palestinian Muslim and one American Jewish, represented the college’s Students for Justice in Palestine. They spoke of the intergenerational nature of this Palestine movement and vowed that their generation would see freedom for Palestine.

On the march back to the original corner, every single one of us believed that to be true.

Free, Free Palestine!

The end of this blog?

As many of you have noticed, Middle East Crisis Response is now using Blogger rather than a stand alone webpage. One of the advantages of the move is that all our recent events can be reviewed on by simply scrolling down. 

We will leave the blog up because it is quite a remarkable history of what Middle East Crisis Response has done over the years since 2006. We are proud of all our work in advocating Palestinian rights. 

And stay tuned, because we will be doing a lot more!

Boycott Duty Free Americas

We had a good showing of people who came out for this demonstration in Woodstock. Thanks to those who participated.

Photo by Ellen Davidson

Rally in front of Rep. Delgado's Office


Rally on Sep. 4 in front of Rep. Delgado's Office in Kingston, NY

Congressman Delgado, despite receiving more than 2,400 petition signatures, has repeatedly refused even to meet his constituents to discuss co-sponsoring the legislation. He continues to support your tax dollars to being used for these human rights abuses. 

Tell Delgado he can no longer turn a blind eye to this abuse of children. He must stop taking contributions from the Israel Lobby (over $30,000 last year) and co-sponsor HR 2590. 

You can also call him (845-443-2930), or send him a message on Facebook or Twitter (@repdelgado). 

March and rally sponsored by Jewish Voice for Peace - Hudson Valley, Middle East Crisis Response, and Women in Black - New Paltz.

New Paltz Women in Black stood for Palestinian rights


Hi, friends,

This Saturday New Paltz Women in Black stood for Palestinian rights. Naftali Bennett, the new Israeli premier, says he wants to "shrink the conflict" between Israel and the Palestinians, but what he really wants to shrink is the growing amount of international attention and support for Palestinian rights and the growing worldwide criticism of Israeli apartheid.

We stand from 12:45 to 1:30 on Main Street at Front Street, in front of the Elting Library.

Our demands highlighted: 

*stop the 14-year-long siege of Gaza;
*remove the Jews-only settlements from occupied Palestinian land;
*all Palestinians have a right to return to their homeland;
*end Israeli apartheid, land theft, and home demolitions, and attempts at ethnic cleansing; *stop U.S. aid to Israel until Israel respects Palestinian human rights.

Rhinebeck Farmers' Market

 We handed out about 100 flyers, and quite a few Ben & Jerry ice cream cones. We celebrated the fact that Ben & Jerry's products will no longer be sold in the occupied territories.

"Free Palestine" is theme of Wednesday Walk for Black Lives event in Kingston

Felice Gelman of Red Hook, a member of the Middle East Crisis Response, talks about the history of Israel and Palestine from before 1948 through today.

Aleesa Alvarez, left, and Azeeza Saafir, both of Poughkeepsie, were two of dozens of people who came out to the Wednesday Walk for Black Lives Free Palestine event at Academy Green . In the foreground, Christine Keator Steele of Bearsville, N.Y. holds a sign in Hebrew and English.

The theme of the event was 'Free Palestine,' and dozens of people participated despite the threat of rain. (Lightning ultimately forced the event to end early.) Speakers, lined up by Jewish Voice for Peace/Middle East Crisis Response, included Palestinians, Muslims and Jews.

Tania Barricklo — Daily Freeman