Sunday, July 20, 2008

"What Do I Know About War"
Featuring Margo Lee Sherman

Sunday, July 20 at 7:00 pm
Kleinert/James Art Center, 34 Tinker St.
Woodstock, NY 12498

"What Do I Know About War?" is an internationally acclaimed one-woman show by theater artist, Margo Lee Sherman, which tells actual stories about our men and women stationed in Iraq. This unflinching look at the human cost of war was described by "The New York Times" as: "Brilliant…surreal…the experience is like eavesdropping on a small sorrowful town."

Cost: $10
Performance co-sponsored by:
Arts for Peace
International Women's Peace Service
Kingston Women In Black
Middle East Crisis Response
New Paltz Women in Black
Peace Action Network
Woodstock Veterans for Peace
Woodstock Women in Black

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Anonymous said...

Margo Lee Sherman performed this piece for us at Hollins Univeristy, and it was a really wonderful experience for our students, our faculty, and the local community.

One of our more conservative faculty members commented to me after the show that he had come expecting it to a a liberal barrage, but had been really pleased to discover that it was a thoughtful, non-partisan effort to change the dialogue about the war from politics to something more human. He'd come ready to argue and instead had nothing but gratitude for the experience.

It was also a great opportunity for young theatre students who have no connection to the kind of explosive and socially relevant theatre of the '60s to be exposed to the simplicity and passion of the theatre that drove Bread and Puppet, Theatre for the New City, The Living Theatre, and so many other groups of that era.

We could use a lot more of that now. A theatre in love with its being alive, deeply sensitive to injustice, and unable to stop itself from taking action through art.

Bravo for giving her another opportunity to perform this important play.

Todd Ristau
Director, Playwright's Lab at Hollins University