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Thursday, May 8, 2008

We got great publicity May 4

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From the Kingston Freeman:

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Israeli Day Celebration in Kingston

Members of the Middle East Crisis Response are shown holding signs condemning Israel's siege of Gaza. They are on a public sidewalk near an Israeli Day Celebration at Waterfront Park in Kingston, NY. Soon, the Kingston Police forced the group to move to a "designated" protest area behind a nearby building. Several in the group asserted their right to stand on a pubic sidewalk in front of the park with their signs. Threatened with arrest, the group finally moved. The police also stated that anyone from the group handing out flyers in an area not designated for protest would also be arrested.

Maurice Hinchey, a speaker at the celebration was asked about this violation of First Amendment rights, but he deferred to the local authorities.

The newly named street signs are an indication of the political power of the pro Israeli lobby, even in a small city like Kingston, NY.

14 members of the Middle East Crisis Response attended the demonstration.

For a great video by DeeDee, click here.