Saturday, February 16, 2008

Planet Waves covers Nakba Vigil

Harriet Malinowitz of Kingston, NY and Fred Nagel of Rhinebeck, NY, on Woodstock's Village Green on Saturday afternoon, Feb. 2. They and others, members of the mid-Hudson Valley activist group Middle East Crisis Response (MECR), were conducting a vigil commemorating the Nakba. The Nakba ("catastrophe" in Arabic) is what Palestinians call the ethnic cleansing of their population circa 1948 via a series of massacres, murders, rapes, looting, burnings, and expulsions by Zionist militias (Haganah and Irgun). Israel calls it the "War of Independence." Over 700,000 refugees were created by the Nakba; today, they and their descendants number four million. They still seek the right of return to their homeland granted to them by U.N. Resolution 194, but this right is refused by Israel. Photo by Eric Francis. Prior cover: Anya from the Book of Blue.
I've finally tracked down the cover of Planet Waves from February 5, which featured a photo (with caption) of our most recent Nakba vigil on its cover. The link is The editor/publisher, Eric Francis, had stopped and read our signs on the sidewalk, talked to Fred and me a bit, then took the picture. It's a rather unusual publication to feature us (horoscopes and such--and this week's cover features the headline, "Cunnilinigus and Clover"--not only racy, but misspelled! well, whatever...), but it's nice for our message (very nicely captured by the camera) to reach a fresh audience, isn't it?! Plus, absolutely no shrinking from the true grit in the caption--much appreciated.

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