Sunday, December 2, 2007

Nakba Vigil in Woodstock

-Nakba Vigil
Well, we did manage to get together our initial Nakba (Nov. 29) demonstration at the Woodstock Village Green, which was good; but it was chaotic and understaffed and rainy, which was bad.

We did it again this Sunday, 2pm, same place, when there was heavier weekend traffic (foot as well as car).

The posters are now all made (as you can see). No more last-minute, desperate printing, cutting, pasting, and bagging. (Don't ask.) Like Israel, they exist, whatever you think of them.

We got at least ten people to stand there in a sequential row, each holding one poster. More would be nice next time to hand out flyers. (Elaine did a splendid job of this on Thursday--as she did of taking pictures.)