Monday, October 15, 2007

Woodstock Freedom Theatre

Woodstock Freedom Theatre

Thank you on behalf of The Freedom Theatre. We all had a marvelous time.

Received: $449 Cash $300 checks to Grassroots for the Jenin FT

Thanks for hosting, thanks to all the hard work on publicity, thanks for those who provided the food and wine.

Warm regards,
Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre


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Re: update

dear people,

it was our pleasure to host the event for freedom theater. the documentary was astounding and the the presence of juliano inspiring.

many of the people who attended are still talking about it, questioning aspects of the occupation, calling us, feeling disturbed... all the right things.

and we feel that much better for seeing this ray of hope brightening up our world and participating in some meaningful way.

peace and love in mind, heart and hand,

gillian and larry


Thank you Dinky. It is really us who should thank the FJFT and Juliano and the children and the brave souls, the young actors grown up into freedom fighters, some with tragic consequences, but all of them heroic. I also learned something valuable from Juliano - for me a much needed lesson. Juliano and Yonatan Shapira both have a deeply patient and compassionate presentation, yet at the same time firm way of dealing with, as Juliano said to me, "paranoid Jews". He understands the deep trauma that warps much of their thinking. There is, I saw in him, a compassion for that suffering of the past and a taking it into account without making the mistakes that is made by the political Zionists. For me, knowing much of the history, being a Jew, but not having lived it, my response to American Jewish fear and ignorance is often expressed in a kind of anger. The injustice and oppression used against the Palestinians outrages me. But Juliano's patience and strength impressed me - made me think that I must learn to listen more and be more patient - with everyone, including Zionists and silly middle of the road liberals here in America.


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