Friday, October 26, 2007

U. of Michigan Press does the right thing

The Middle East Crisis Response wrote letters along with many other national and international groups. The University finally decided not to drop Dr. Kovel's book or the Pluto Press. An important victory over the Zionist lobby.

Original letter from Howard Zinn...

As you may have heard, in late August of this year, The University of Michigan Press, after receiving a series of complaining and threatening emails and letters from an ultra-Zionist group called StandWithUs, an offshoot of Campus Watch, withdrew from distribution Prof. Joel Kovel's book Overcoming Zionism, published by Pluto Press in London, United Kingdom. Since then, following numerous protests by fellow academics and scholars, The U. of M. Press Executive Board has restored the book to its distribution listings. But, ominously, the Board has indicated its intention to reconsider its contract with Pluto Press in mid October...

Sincerely, Howard Zinn
For the Committee for an Open Discussion of Zionism
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