Friday, July 11, 2008

Freeman letter to the editor on lawsuit

Police saved them

Dear Editor:

Those anti-Israel demonstrators are lucky the Kingston Police Department moved them so nicely to another location. They were rude, loud and boisterous during a lovely celebration of Israel's freedom.

Remember, Israel is American's only true friend and democracy in that God forsaken region of the earth. We celebrated its independence while these detractors only wanted to disrupt our legal celebration. The mayor, assemblyman, congressman, rabbis and many other fine folks came and spoke in favor of a free and independent Israel. Bravo to them.

The demonstrators are also lucky that the police moved them because I and a few others would not have been so nice as KPD was to them.

Boos to those idiots who spout the lies of terrorists and murderers just because they were unloved by their parents, or whatever drives them. They will lose in the court of law because they are wrong. They are wrong in their views and wrong in their charges against Kingston. Never again!


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